My Mother and I

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My Mother and I

Post  Atru Winterscrypt on Wed Jan 07, 2009 9:50 pm

Alright. I hate my mother. Don't judge me yet, hold on. I have plenty of reasons so don't click out just yet.

She is the one who wanted the divorce when I was 8, tearing my family apart and seperating me from my little sister, Belle. 8 weeks out of the year, I live with her (not all at once, thank God.) and at least once a day (one it was 10 times!!!) she starts talking to me about how bad it is for me with my dad and how much better it would be if I lived with her. Now, she's bringing my little sister into this. Evil or Very Mad Today, she called and asked Dad to help her force me to live with her.

She's a witch with a capital 'B'. Now that i'm finished boring you with that......


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