The rules of the roleplay.

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The rules of the roleplay.

Post  Beau / Concept and Design on Wed Jun 03, 2009 4:00 pm

Character and Combat rules.

1. To kill someone with a melee weapon, it takes FIVE LINES. [Ie: A piece of wood, a sword, an axe, and so on.]

2. To kill someone with a ranged weapon, it takes seven lines. [Ie: A Bow, throwing knife, blunderbuss, musket, flintlock pisto, etcetera.]

3. All lines must have a minimum of three words in them to be valid, however; more words is encouraged, especially with ranged weapons.

4. All actions except for body expressions, take two lines to be set into the roleplay.
*Grips the hilt of my sword*
*Pulls the sword out of it's leather sheathe*]

Ship makers.

1. Ship Makers can build ships by themselves.

2. Building a ship, for a Ship maker takes six days, or thirty minutes of roleplay.

3. Ship Makers cannot simply spawn ships.

4. Ship Makers must have a place to build their ships, the equipment to build them, and must also gather the resources Icly.

Ships, and Ship combat.

1. While mounting a cannon or cannon[s] on a ship, it takes FIFTEEN LINES to completely sink a ship with a cannon ball by piercing the ship's hull.
Destroying a mast: Five lines.
Destroying a gun well: Six lines.
Destroying a rudder: Five lines.
Killing a crew member in the blast of a cannon ball explosion, or collapsing part of the ship: Seven lines.
Killing a crew member by throwing a Grenado across one ship, to another ship, and killing a crew member: Eight lines.

2. To board an enemy ship, via using a zip line, swimming to their ship, or a rope, it takes THREE LINES.

3. It takes TWO LINES to redirect your ship. [To move the ship]

4. To dodge a cannon ball, by steering the ship out of the way, it takes TWO LINES.

Currency and Theft.

1. Money must be obtained Icly, and you must have proof of obtaining it.

2. Money can be obtained via Working, selling items, pickpocketing, thievery, plundering, etc.

3. It takes THREE LINES to successfully pickpocket someone.

4. You CAN plunder a ship while boarding it, even if the enemy isn't dead. But be aware; they can still kill you when you're carrying their items. [And gold]

5. There are different currencies around different parts of the map, but the main currency is known as "Coin", which consists of Gold Coins, Silver Coins, and Bronze Coins.

6. Banks may also be robbed. If you have money in your bank, and someone steals it, it is up to the owner of the bank to pay you back somehow, Icly.

Pirate Lords.

1. A Pirate Lord is someone who controls an area of the map. [Only the Pirates, not the government.]

2. The title of Pirate Lord can be obtained by killing an already existing pirate lord, or being voted on by the other Pirate Lords. [Be mindful; people don't take kindly to you killing their Pirate Lords.]

3. You do not have to obey a Pirate Lord in, or outside of your area, if you are a Pirate or anyone else, but if you are in their legion, it's probably wise if you don't want to either get killed, or beat up.

Government and Laws.

1. One person is selected to be the King/Prime Minister/Queen/Ruler [Etcetera] of a region. This person oversees the Law of the land, such as, how hard punishments are for different criteria. This person also controls the Military of their land.

2. If you kill a Government Official, this is not like a pirate lord.. It doesn't make you the ruler! it simply makes you hated by the people who obey the law.

3. People will be elected as Government officials.

4. Once you have served a full week as a Government official [Ruler of the region], then an election will be held for another person to take your place. [You can be voted back again]

5. Regions can be at war with other Regions, not just Pirates.

The Government killing Pirates. [And vice versa]

1. If a Law Official sees a criminal breaking the law, he/she may apprehend and arrest the criminal. If the criminal attacks a Law Official, the Law Official has the right to kill the Criminal. Just because they're no t supposed to, doesn't mean the Law Officials can't kill you for nothing.

[More to come later, I suppose.]

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