Ram Dashill, The Free Spirit.

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Ram Dashill, The Free Spirit.

Post  -SpamsTheFace- on Tue Jun 02, 2009 9:10 pm

Name: Ram Dashill
Age: 24
TOC: European Pirate

Personality Description: Ram Dashill is a lighthearted pirate who seems to be in a cheery mood most of the time. However, he does know when to get serious. He will often greet unknown pirates with a friendly, warm welcome. He despises the Navy and will often taunt them and, if necessary, engage them.

Physical Description: Ram stands 6 feet tall and has a light brown hair that is often shaved tight. He usually is shirtless and his fairly muscular body is covered in various tattoos from all different countries and origins. His eyes are a bright blue hue that change to a light green when they meet the sunlight. He carries a broad, curving cutlass and has a number of pistols slung about his body.

Biography: Ram Dashill was born a fatherless wretch. His mother was a whore living on the coast of Great Britain. When Ram was young, his mother died from syphilis. Ram was left to fend for himself. When he was 12, he was discovered by the British Empire and was forced in to servitude for the Navy. However, not wanting to be oppressed, he rebelled and escaped the captivity of the British Empire. He has now placed the memories of his harsh upbringing behind him and lives his life as a free-minded individual, looking for riches. Today, Ram Dashill is on a constant quest for wealth and freedom.

(Keeping it relatively short and simple. ^.^)

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